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After going through the photos and getting lots of feedabck here is the cover that went in to the printers.

Posted by: hikingjasper | March 1, 2010

Hiking Jasper Appendix

As mentioned in some of the previous posts there will be some appendices in the back of the book that rank all the hikes according to different statistics generated from the GPS data.  Below is a screenshot of one of these appendices.  It is atable that shows the maximum slope on each of the 73 trails.

Maximum slope table

Posted by: hikingjasper | February 12, 2010

New Pics added February 12, 2010 – Mt Robson

After being out of town for a bit I am back blogging.  Today I have added a couple photos fromt he Mt Robson area.  Hikes within this park will also be included in the “Hiking Jasper” book.  The two parks border one another and many people visit both parks during one trip.

Posted by: hikingjasper | February 1, 2010

Book Progress Report

I have completed all the maps and write ups for each trail.  Now its just editing and tweaking.  But this is only half the work, the CD with all the images and other digital maps still has to be completed.   I will send the book manuscript in for printing in mid February and then the CD will go out for duplication in mid April.   All in time for a book launch on the May long weekend in Jasper!

Posted by: hikingjasper | February 1, 2010

New photos added to “Jasper Pics” page – “Bridges”

I added a couple of bridge photos from the back end of the Brazeau Loop.  The 2nd one was jus tcompleted the day before we hiked through.

Posted by: hikingjasper | January 29, 2010

Terrain Image of each Trail

Here is an example of the trail terrain images that will be included in the “Hiking Jasper” book.  One for each trail will be included on the attached CD.

Snake Indian Falls Terrain Image

Posted by: hikingjasper | January 29, 2010

New Pics added – View from the ????

It doesn’t get any better than this.  I could sit there all day! 

 Check out the pics just added to the “Jasper Pics” page Janaury 29, 2010 to see what I mean.

Posted by: hikingjasper | January 26, 2010

Track Slope Data

Each trail in the book will have the GPS track analyzed for slope statistics.  This should give hikers a better idea of  terrain.  For example;

Snake Indian Falls – Parking Lot to Falls

Average Ascent Slope: 3.0 %
Average Descent Slope: 3.9%
Maximum Ascent Slope: 11.1%
Maximum Descent Slope: 15.0%

Posted by: hikingjasper | January 26, 2010

New photos added to “Jasper Pics” page

Today I added a couple of marmot photos.  The first one is of one of the many marmots in the Edith Cavell area.  The second photo is of two marmots at Poboktan Pass. A popular place to stop and take a break at the pass with the marmots there to greet hikers.  The two marmots are almost fighting over something on the ground which took me awhile to figure out what they were fighting over.  Any guesses?

Posted by: hikingjasper | January 24, 2010

New Photos added to “Jasper Pics” page

Today I added a couple of photos of two lakes that are not in Jasper National Park but are frequently hiked to by park visitors.  Both Mystery lake and Fortress Lake  are just outside the park boundary.

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